how to reduce hair fall

Hair loss is a common problem faced by every human being both men and women for a short time or till you accept and shave your hair. In the scientific term, it is called as alopecia. It defines the hair loss from the body or head, due to many reasons like hereditary, lack of nutrition, improper washing, and drying, stress, Pregnancy, Trauma, Drugs and Infection.

There are different ways to treat the hair loss depending on the symptoms and cause, let’s discuss to get the proper overview why actually it happens.

Stress- Every person has tons of things going in their life, which creates mental or physical stress, it may be a severe illness, accident or any kind of physical trauma like sudden weight loss which can cause temporary hair loss called telogen effluvium. There are different growth cycles of hair- growth phase, one is the rest phase and the other is the shedding phase. The trauma pushes the growth cycle of the hair to the shedding phase. For a clear picture, we can also define Emotional stress in this category which accelerates the process of shedding hair. Pregnancy-related temporary hair-loss seen after the baby has been delivered as explained by the Dermatologist, Marc Glashofer, MD from New York. As for female hair loss has been noticed after the birth of the baby due to hormonal imbalance, in the same way, taking contraceptive pills also cause the change in hormonal balance tends to hair loss explained by Mark Hammonds, MD from Texas.

Lack of proper nutrition- Sometimes overdosage of vitamins is also harmful to hairs, the overdosage of vitamin A causes the temporary hair loss which can be recovered once the excessive amount of vitamin comes under 5000 IU (International Unit) per day for adult and 2500 IU- 10,000 IU. And other cause may be the lack of protein, If the body does not receive the proper amount of protein daily it stops the hair growth to conserve the lack of protein and vitamin B in the body. It comes into reality after 2 to 3 months of continuous less intake of protein according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Anemia which is caused by lack of Iron in the human body, generally one out of ten females aged 20 and above face this problem which leads to Hair loss in women.

Patterned Baldness – This is faced by two out of three men till the age of 60 due to the genes and male sex hormones following the classic pattern of M shaped hairline. And in the female, it is called as androgenic also highlighted by Heredity where the female is more prone to face the hair loss if the female from her family started to have hair loss after certain age says Dr. Glashofer .

Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune- both depend on the functionality of the hormone and immune system. The inactive thyroid gland which secretes hormones and the overactive immune system confuses as if hair are foreign bodies. Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment where the drugs destroy rapidly dividing cells where it also stops the hair growth. Polycystic ovary syndrome, consumption of other drugs like antidepressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Vigorous styling and hair treatments, chemical relaxers to straighten your hair, hot-oil treatments or any kind of harsh chemical or high heat, Trichotillomania “disorder to pull hairs”, aging, Anabolic steroids etc. stops the hair growth.

The above are the factors which causes hair loss. Do consult with your dermatologist for more information and follow the medication and treatment procedure to recover from hair-loss.