Hey, do you want to improve your appearance because of noticeable wrinkles or lines? Can you honestly look in the mirror and say that you don’t look like a stereotypical “grandparent” or an “over-the-hill” person trying to maintain their youth? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably are a good candidate for rhytidectomy or a facelift.  

Plastic surgeons perform facial enhancement procedures more often than you would believe. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, close to 3 million people have this type of surgical procedure performed on their face. While many people (and surgeons) do not go around advertising this fact, a lot of people are growing old gracefully with the help of cosmetic procedures.

You might think that modern facial reconstruction procedures involve a bunch of people with knives slicing open your face and then pumping it with “dangerous chemicals” that will make you look younger. That is simply not true. Most modern techniques are minimally invasive, fairly easy to perform and can be completed in less than a day.

So, what are the techniques that plastic surgeons use to help you look younger and more appealing? Keep reading to discover the types of facial enhancements techniques and procedures that plastic surgeons utilize to turn back time and to make you look years younger.  

Standard Facial Lift Procedures  

Standard facial surgical procedures are typically carried out by plastic surgeons for this type of corrective surgery. Standard face procedures are designed to improve the condition of a person’s overall appearance. Incisions are made around a person’s ears and hairline. The skin is dissected from muscles beneath those portions of the face and neck and this causes the skin to become tighter. Excessive fat is removed from a person’s neck and jowls.  

Finally, the skin in this area is positioned so that it looks firmer and tighter. There are other incisions and manipulation that is performed on a person’s face for this type of procedure. However, this is a basic summary of what happens when a person receives a standard face procedure. A standard lift takes up to 6 hours (or less) to complete. They also typically take up to a few weeks to heal depending on the person receiving the procedure.  

Minimally Invasive Face Surgery Procedure  

If you are not a big fan of surgery, you can have face surgery done through minimally invasive procedures. There are different procedures that you can have done that require very little or no incisions to be made into your face. First up are liquid face changing processes. These type of facelift procedures typically involve dermal fillers that are injected into targeted areas on your mug.  

Injectable fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, hydroxyapatite or lactic acid calcium. These injectable fillers are made from FDA-approved substances and they will not cause any health or physical problems. However, they do have some side effects. Still, they are safe and work well with clearing up fine lines and wrinkles.  

As a side note, injectable dermal fillers are beneficial because they allow people to gradually remove some of the wrinkles from out of their face. This, in turn, will make them look younger but in a less noticeable way. The key to using the fillers is to gradually do them overtime to maintain a more youthful appearance in the long run.

Temporal face processes, brow lifts, mini-facelift, and jawline rejuvenation are also minimally invasive procedures. Each of these lift processes requires the use of micro or mini incisions in various parts of the face. Some are for the eyebrow area and others are made along the jawline and neck. Plastic surgeons generally pull skin after making incisions to make it tighter. Many of these processes can be completed within a few hours or less. They also allow plastic surgeon patients to heal within a few hours or less.

Other Types of Face Lift Procedures

Cutaneous Lift, S-Lift, MACS Lift are three other types of facelift procedures. They are designed to provide dramatic results that are one step below the standard facelift surgery. These types of face surgery options are best suited for people who experience a slightly older to a moderately older appearance. Most people in their early 40s to early 60s would benefit from these procedures. Each of these procedures require incisions though they are not as in-depth as a standard facelift operation. These techniques might also require up to 2 weeks to heal. Also, they might not produce the same results as a standard face surgery.  

Advance Face Surgery Procedures  

Most plastic surgeons would not recommend that people undergo an advanced face altering procedure just to improve their appearance. Many people who get these procedures have them completed for medical reasons. For example, people who are horribly disfigured in an accident will have these kinds of procedures completed.

A subperiosteal face surgery falls into this category. This is a deep-rooted face altering process that can be utilized for rejuvenating a person’s appearance but again, it is used to makes some serious alterations to a person’s looks. Endoscopic face alterations are another form of advanced form of this surgery. They are highly effective for rejuvenating a person’s presence but they are expensive and might not be suited for every person. Laser techniques are also used for advanced features.  

Surgeons can make small incisions and melt away excessive fatty tissue on targeted areas of a person’s face and neck. This will cause a person to less slim and younger. There are many different techniques that surgeons utilize to improve a person’s appearance. Surgeons are also researching new and more improved ways of performing facial enhancements. The key thing they want to do is to make them less invasive and easier on a person’s face for recovery. These techniques can be discussed with a plastic surgeon to determine which method works best for your situation. 

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