The Dermatology Lasers Market is increasing steadily through the years due to increased awareness regarding laser-based treatment and the rising number of skin diseases.

According to the years of study-based research conducted at base levels by future market insights (FMI), society has started adopting dermatology lasers. The healing and curing time required is comparatively much lesser than other invasive treatments

The rise in demands for technologically self-equipped machinery with growing graphs of skin diseases will drive the Market to US$1.34 billion by 2030. 

Market players are constantly in search of cost-efficient, more hardy, and trustworthy solutions.

The launch of innovative products for performing dermatological procedures in a painless and side-effects-free treatment has created positive trajectory growth as per the FMI analyst reports.

Dermatology Lasers Market Importance

  1. Hair removal and beautification of face mark to be one of the most important and lucrative application segments.
  2. Around 2/3rd of the total market share goes to North America and Europe collectively.
  3. Half of the market is own to solid-state lasers in which efficiency in heating and healing of skin cells and tissues gave utmost importance.
  4. Around 2/3rd of revenue generation in the global market is based on dermatology and cosmetic clinics. 
  5. The world of lasers has proven to be a boon in treating skin tone variations, scars left by acne and pimples, open pores and, skin beautification. 
  6. Skin lines, sagging skin, wrinkles are all easily handled by lasers.
  7. Lasers used in photo thermolysis regulate heat and light frequency to treat pigmentation and melisma.

Projected Impact On Dermatology Lasers Market By Covid – 19 Outburst

The coronavirus pandemic led to the profuse loss of economy and shifting of priorities of people. 

Non-essential treatments, including decoration procedures like hair removal or skin beautification, are becoming the least priority. 

However, North America is the most lucrative segment, yet laser markets are running significantly with rising cases.

Landscape Of Laser Market:

Key players are focusing more on the innovation of cost-efficient methodological products like

  1. Gas lasers.
  2. Solid lasers. 
  3. Pulsed and dye lasers.
  4. Technology (ablative lasers, non-ablative lasers ). 

As per the FMI’s report, the key to partnership and acquisitions is now more helping gain more opportunities.

Indications of Growth in Dermatology Lasers Market 


There has been a significant Growth in face beautification, hair removal, tattoo removal, skin cancer region analysis in North America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, and Oceania. 

The facial and aesthetic concerns in people and rising concerns regarding facial hair growth, including chin and cheeks, sideburn areas, upper lip, are boosting the market sentiments. 

Laser hair removal is quite a safe and painless procedure in which a highly concentrated high beam focuses on hair follicles and destroys the unwanted hair follicles. By far, the conveniently available medical devices in medical stores for personal benefit increase the demand for the products and drive market development.

The high-cost hair removal treatment in beauty parlors or dermatology clinics poses a challenging market at this front but has seen significant growth in patients all across the globe.

The growing number of FDA-recommended products such asVEET INFINI SILK PRO SILK’N FLASH & G.O. are equally efficient and growing in terms of safety and efficiency.

Adding to it the increasing disposable income levels are potential growth opportunities in Asia pacific which will surely add support to the growing market.

Covid 19 pandemic has been disastrous to several industries globally, including the aesthetic industry; as the pandemic took its peak, most dermatological consultations were discouraged over online telecommunication.

Effect on Dermatology Research and Dermatology Conferences in 2020

Every year Conferences related to dermatology are being organized worldwide.

The dermatology conference 2019 saw massive participation worldwide but saw a gradual decline in participation in the dermatology conference 2020 due to worldwide lockdowns.

The Dermatology Conference 2021 and the Cosmetic Conference 2021 will be held via an online and physical mode of participation so that people can participate in the conference freely without worrying about the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

The CPD accredited Dermatology Conference 2021 is still accepting abstracts for paper and poster presentations during the conference sessions.

The global dermatological and medical-based laser market expects to grow from $2.546 billion in 2020 to $ 3.087 billion in the year dated 2021 at an annual CAGR of 21.2 %.

The market expects to see $5.509 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 16 %.

As per the report of ASPS

America has already spent $16.5 million on cosmetic procedures in 2018, and it is almost more excellent by 2% from 2017. Companies are investing more in PICOSECOND LASERS for the treatment of acne, skin beautification, and lightening.

In July 2018, PICOCARE 450 manufactured WONTECH, a South Korean-based company, which received approval for being used on a large scale. 

In 2019, LASER OPTEK received clearance for PICOLO PICOSECOND LASERS.

The primary medical companies in this sector are:

  1. Cynosure 
  2. Peninsula 
  3. Miracle Laser
  4. Syneron 
  5. Shenzhen GSD 
  6. Sinchoheren
  7. Fotona 
  8. Alma Laser 
  9. Semi Nex Corporation 
  10. Alma Lasers 


The way forward

The world of dermatology lasers market report of 2021 wraps around the leading players and their essential parameters like market, developing trends, etc., which gives us a view of the growth and development of the Dermatological industry globally. 

It can also give us the exact marketing policies and analysis of the particular region, driver, and challenges globally. 

The report bids around the detailed valuation of Dermatology’s field, the competitive scenery, segments, and regional market dynamics. You can find the meaning of dermatology in this report.

This report evaluates business strategies and up-to-date market data and trends, and their financial status. It can also deliver estimated values of the CAGR, upcoming modern technologies, risks involved in the market, and the market barriers.