Every lady is different, and she needs to talk to a doctor about how her body can be changed. Some women can get a very nice result, or others can only get so much augmentation. These ladies need to have a talk with a doctor, see a computer model of what can be done with their body and plan their surgery.

Extremely thin women are eligible for breast augmentation, but they need to come to the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami to have their consultation, talk about how much augmentation they can do, and how to change the shape of their body.  

Candidacy & Other Concerns

Women who are underweight for their body type might not be able to get a breast augmentation because their bodies have not filled out properly. They need to speak to a doctor about what their ideal weight is so that they can start gaining weight in preparation for surgery. Women who are trying to change their bodies need to be sure that they have hit the right weight and had a new consultation. The doctor cannot give them an ideal assessment if they do not know how much breast tissue they have to work with.  

New surgical techniques can be used to help women get an augmentation done with very little breast tissue. They can be shown how to go up a cup size and change their measurements. The doctor will create a mockup of what their body will look like after the procedure, and they will have a chance to approve that look. The doctor will explain how the implants are used in conjunction with the tissue in the lady’s breast, and she can prepare herself mentally for the change.  

Extremely thin women must maintain the appropriate weight for their surgery because it also impacts how they get anesthesia for the procedure. You need to know that you can keep your weight in the right range, and you should remember that this requires work on your part. The doctor will be checking, and they cannot complete your surgery if you have dropped below a safe weight. They also need to check your breast tissue again before the surgery so that they know you are ready.

On Surgery Day 

The lady who has surgery scheduled cannot eat before the surgery, and she needs to have someone with her who will take her home. Extremely thin women will be hit very hard by the anesthesia that is needed to complete the surgery. You must have a person who can take you home at the office. This person can drive you because you will not be in a position to drive, and you need to have someone who will look after you when you get home. You will need some time off work to recover, and you must be very careful with your body as you recover. Because you are very thin, you will move your stitches much more easily as you shift around. Try not to be active when you are at home, and remember that you will come back to the office to get help in your follow-up appointments.

Surgery Duration

You need to give your doctor a couple hours to complete a surgery like this, and you need to be sure that you have planned to be in the office all morning. The majority of women get an idea in their head that this is a simple procedure, but it is not. The doctor needs to do more work when they are working with little breast tissue, and you need to prepare to recover in the office still before you ever go home. You have a vision of how this will work, but you cannot run out of the office after an hourlong procedure.

Recovery & Results

Follow-ups are required as you recover. Only your doctor can remove the dressings from the surgery, and they will check your bruising while you recover. This is a very large part of the process because it helps you get an idea of how well you are doing. You need to keep the dressings on if the doctor feels you need to wear them longer, and you should also ask the doctor if they can get more pain medication if they do not feel well.

Pain management is a large part of your recovery, and you are likely to feel much worse because your body is so small. Ask the staff if you can get more pain medication, and use their recommendations when you get home. You also need to ask them if there is a way that you can sleep and rest that would be better for you. Someone who would like to recover faster needs to follow the doctor’s orders to the letter. You need to call the office if you run into problems, and you also should see if the staff can give you advice about specific problems you are having.

The results that you get from the surgery are only obvious once you have had the dressings removed and the bruising has gone done. You need to ask the doctor if they are sure that your breasts have settled, and you need to have your scars checked. These small scars can be checked very easily, and they are hidden so that people cannot see them. If you have a deadline, you’ll need to plan this months in advance so that you will feel normal again.


There are a number of ways for you to change your body, but you can still get breast augmentation if you have small breasts. Women who are very thin need to make sure that they are at the ideal weight before they get started, and they should come into the office right away to get the consultation, plan the surgery, and see what their results will look like. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami can help you with your plastic & cosmetic needs. PSI Miami is a group of board-certified surgeons specializing in facial, body & other related procedures. If you find yourself in South Florida in need of a breast augmentation, contact the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami now.